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Our Gelato

Our own gelato, does not contain gluten and the fruit flavours do not contain milk or sugar (and so are suitable for vegans). To make the fruit gelato we only use the freshest fruits that are in close proximity to our area. All the flavours than you can find in our gelateria are exclusive, made with our recipes and following our philosophy...... 100% natural. Our gelato caters to a wide range of requirements, for example, in the summer, we create gelato suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. It is also a good option for those who would like something lighter.
At certain times of the year you can find some special flavours according to seasonal fruits; we always use fresh and natural products. Examples of these include really unique flavours like Cherry of Marostica, Fig of Caltrano, Plum of Chiuppano and others... come and see us!
All our gelati are Without Gluten
Lemon of Sicilia
Apple and Cinnamon
Banana and Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Vegan
Hazelnut Tonda Gentile IGP Vegan
Pistachio Vegan
Cream of Milk
Stracciatella dell Artigiana
Vanilla of Madagascar
Natural Yogurt
Hazelnut Tonda Gentile IGP
Pistachio of Sicilia
Gianduia dell Artigiana
Dark Chocolate
Cinnamon and Ginger
Licorice of Calabria

Cioccolato Fondente Vegan

Intolerances - Key Ingredients
With Gluten
With Milk
With Dry Fruit
With Eggs
These are some of our gelati, depending on the season there's always different ... come to visit.
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